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Pearls differ in size, shape, colour, nacre thickness, lustre, rarity and uniqueness of the original location. We know freshwater river pearls, Akoya sea pearls, South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, Cortez pearls and conch pearls

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Pearls are the only gemstones that come from a living organism.

Kultivované perly In the past, pearls lead to disputes, represented the heritage of the highest value, wars were waged over them, and they were exchanged for lucrative properties on the 5th Avenue. This lasted until the beginning of the 20th century when Mikimoto Kōkichi, the man of a famous name still associated with the highest quality pearl jewellery in the world, invented and patented a way to culture Akoya sea pearls. Today, almost all pearls available on the market are cultured, even though growing quality pearls is a very demanding job. Shells are very delicate, with some types of pearls growing in the shell for several years and only a very small percentage of cultured pearls are of quality that is suitable for the production of beautiful and perfect jewellery.


Each pearl is a unique and original work of art.


Each pearl is unique in colour, lustre, size and shape. All depends on the shell and the environment where it was born. Even experts cannot usually tell high-quality cultured pearls from pearls grown without human intervention. Farming has contributed to greater affordability of these natural gemstones, yet they remain rare enough. Furthermore, it has made pearl production more conscious of the environment and ecosystems. Cultured variations are grown mainly in China, Japan, Vietnam, on the Australia’s coasts, in the Philippines, Indonesia and Tahiti, with a growing period ranging from one to several years. Freshwater pearls are produced mainly by freshwater pearl mussels, which, unlike oysters, can form more than just one pearl. Compared to sea pearl farming, the freshwater pearl culture uses smaller bodies.

The pearl jewellery on offer in our e-shop contains cultured freshwater pearls of the highest AAA quality.

There are multiple color variations of these pearls and our offer includes jewellery with several shades of these beautiful natural phenomena. Unlike sea pearls, an entire freshwater pearl is made of 100% nacre contributing to its superior quality and almost perfect lustre, whilst they are usually more resistant than the commonest Akoya sea pearls. Growing to a diameter of 2 – 15 mm for 2 – 7 years, most often you may find them in shades of white, lavender and pink. All of our pearl jewellery is sold with a certificate of authenticity.

The quality of pearls is assessed by their nacre, shape, size, surface quality, lustre, color and overall tone.

Pearls are not evaluated on the basis of a single factor, but a combination of all these criteria. Experts can assess some of these factors at a glance, but the systemic evaluation requires careful identification of each pearl which is then precisely categorized.

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The jewellery with natural pearls on our offer is suitable for any occasion, including graduations, balls, weddings, business meetings, as well as for casual wear.

Pearls have always been one of the sings of abundance and power. Appreciated for their magical beauty, they have been present in many cultures since ancient times and their popularity is still high. Pearls have been recorded from thousands of years ago, pearls are mentioned in various religions and myths, they are a symbol of love and perfection, even the Bible writes about pearls. The uniqueness and beauty of pearls have been praised by all nations.

Pearls symbolize wisdom gained through experience. They are believed to attract happiness and health and provide protection from negative energy. They have calming and soothing effects, balancing karma and strengthening relationships. They also keep children safe. Pearls symbolize purity, generosity, composure and loyalty.

They are simply gems of timeless value lasting for generations.

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