About Stones

Although we recognize more than 3000 different minerals, just around 50 of them may be classified as precious and semi-precious stones.

Precious stones are used in jewellery and other ornaments.

Precious stone (or rare gemstone) is a mineral characterized by distinctive, extraordinary beauty. Its color is also very important, especially its translucency and saturation. Furthermore, it must be sufficiently hard and resistant to allow for long-lasting use without any scratches or other damage. Finally, it must occur rarely because rarity equally guarantees its high value. While some minerals can be found all over the world, others are much rarer.

Not only a beautiful stone but also an amulet!

Natural stones are known for their healing effects and have been used as amulets and remedies for the body and soul since ancient times.

You can choose the right one according to your zodiac sign or according to the area which would benefit from the help of a given stone, or you can leave it to the power of nature and let the stone choose you ... It is said that they can help anybody who reaches out to them.

Precious and semi-precious stones are gifts of the earth.

Each of them has a particular meaning and impact. Astrology matches individual zodiac signs with specific stones that can influence the respective signs, as well as to provide healing effects.

Aries is a sign of the Fire, ruled by Mars, and the birthstones are ruby and diamond.
Taurus is a sign of the Earth, ruled by Venus and its birthstones are emerald and topaz.
Gemini is a sign of the Air, ruled by Mercury, and its birthstones are tourmaline and agate.
Cancer is a sign of the Water, ruled by the Moon, and its birthstones are moonstone and pearl.
Lion is a sign of the Fire, ruled by the Sun, and its birthstones are tiger's or cat's eye and ruby.
Virgo is a sign of the Earth, ruled by Mercury and its birthstones are peridot/olivine and sardonyx.
Libra is a sign of the Air, ruled by Venus, and its birthstones are sapphire and opal.
Scorpio is a sign of the Water, ruled by Mars and Pluto, and its birthstones are topaz and malachite.
Sagittarius is a sign of the Fire, ruled by Jupiter and its birthstones are topaz and turquoise.
Capricorn is a sign of the Earth, ruled by Saturn and its birthstones are jet and onyx.
Aquarius is a sign of the Air, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and its birthstones are aquamarine and amethyst.
Pisces is a sign of the Water, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, and its birthstones are moonstone and amethyst.

Precious stones are divided into three categories.

1 / Diamond – has a privileged position among precious stones with its own rating system.

2 / Ruby, emerald, sapphire – the most expensive and rarest coloured gemstones, usually found in all coronation jewels along with diamonds and pearls.

3 / Other precious stones – precious stones (alexandrite, spinel and precious opal and other equivalent stones), semi-precious stones (demantoid, aquamarine, amethyst, rubellite, chrysolite, topaz, zirconium, chrome diopside, uvarovite, pyrope, almandine and some opaque stones e.g. turquoise) and ornamental stones (smoky quartz, crystal, amber, malachite, lazurite, agate, common opal, jasper and others).

Synthetic gemstones – stones created in laboratories.

A synthetic stone was born in a laboratory. Despite not being created by Mother Nature, its chemical composition, optical and physical properties are almost identical to those of a natural stone. Synthetic gemstones began to be produced as early as the end of the 19th century. The first success was the creation of an artificial ruby which was suitable even for bezel cutting. In addition to the production of jewellery, synthetic gemstones have been introduced to microelectronics, laser technology, etc. A synthetically created gemstone is significantly cheaper and more affordable than its natural equivalent with comparable parameters. As a natural gemstone is easily interchangeable with its laboratory-created version, the sale of synthetic gemstones is subject to strict rules. In jewellery, synthetic gemstones started to be used more extensively at the beginning of the 20th century in the creative process of Art deco jewellery (mainly synthetic sapphires).

About precious stones in jewellery:

Our jewellery offer also includes several types of precious stones and freshwater pearls:

Agate – it is supposed to strengthen the love between parents and their children. In addition, agate heals emotions and regulates emotional fluctuations like jealousy and envy. It reveals the truth, helps to accept reality. It strengthens the connection between our body and the Earth.

Aquamarine – symbolizes courage, calms the mind, moderates aggressive behaviour, boosts our courage. It drives away fear, anxiety and stress. It purifies our thoughts, enhances our sense of inner freedom, and increases our ability for intuition.

Amazonite – has an admirable filtering ability, blocks geopathogenic zones, also protects against electromagnetic pollution. It is a highly calming stone. Removes negative energy and anger.

Amethyst – is said to be one of the most powerful stones that can positively affect many physical and mental functions in a man. Amethyst is a stone of various shades of purple, which go from the darkest to the lightest. It is said to have many effects on a person on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. It increases motivation, concentration, attention and focus, thus improving learning abilities and memory.

Aventurine – provides courage, optimism, ability to recognize new friends. It helps us empathize with other people, promotes compassion, perseverance.

Beryl – will teach you how to do only what you really need. It helps to manage stressful life situations and toss away unnecessary burdens. It allows us to avoid overthinking and unnecessary worries, get rid of agitation, confusion and reduce excessive irritation.

Citrine – in the past, it was believed that citrine could protect against snake venom and all negative thoughts. It was used to treat people with depression. For many years, citrine has been associated with wealth and is often called the stone of success. Attracting money, prosperity, success and guaranteeing prosperity, it is said to be suitable for everybody who is starting a business. Citrine encourages creativity and provides motivation. It stimulates mental functions and strengthens the intellect. It increases self-confidence, self-assurance and provides a sense of security.

Diamond – is a transparent carbon crystal. According to the Mohs hardness scale, it features the highest hardness of 10, thus ranking among the hardest natural materials. It is said to be the guardian of the spirit helping us to think more clearly and independently. In partnership, it shall provide understanding, tolerance and longlasting love. It frees us from anxiety, depression, greed and pettiness. It provides balance, independence, self-esteem, removes and helps controlling jealousy. Having a privileged position among precious stones, it has long been associated with various myths and legends. In its cut brilliant form, it represents the most expensive gemstone. Diamond is said to support logical thinking, forcing us to look for the right path in life and for perseverance in order to follow it. It helps us to learn from defeat. It brings respect and esteem. In ancient times, people believed that diamond protected them against venomous poisoning and that it could cure them.

Flourite – a stone of geniuses, endowed with great power. It expands our perceptions, helps us to perceive and understand energies, under its influence intuitive knowledge becomes clear, understandable and logical. It serves as an effective remedy against all the confusions in life.

Garnet – is a stone with strong regenerative effects. It is a stone of the fire, passion, but also transformation and purity of heart. It gives life-giving energy, desire to explore the unknown and encourages love and devotion. Garnet promotes strong relationships, interest in others, balances sexual desire and can correct emotional disharmony. It contributes to the renewal of forces. It is useful in times of crisis. It is said that it is of particular help in seemingly hopeless situations.

Hematite – natural hematite was worn in Egypt as an amulet for health protection. It is associated with positive effects on blood formation. Those who wear it receive courage, peace, calm and satisfaction.

Howlite – calms the mind and has great effects when falling asleep or meditating. It enables calm and rational communication. This stone strengthens memory while stirring up the desire for knowledge.

Chalcedony – brings peace to a man. It increases the good will of everyone who wears it. It provides generosity and kindness. It can also absorb negative energy and turn sadness into joy, making days easier for people who are going through difficult times. It also absorbs negative thoughts, emotions and repels bad dreams. Chalcedony provides inner stability and effectively harmonizes the body, spirit and emotions.

Chrysoprase – it is said that it lifts up the spirit, provides hope, calms, brings joy, pleasure, success in a new business, attracts money, friends, removes addiction, selfishness, tension and stress. It helps to accept oneself, to forgive, it balances between dreams and reality.

Jadeite – a protective stone that brings happiness, joy, peace and courage to life. It brings peaceful sleep and nice dreams while releasing emotions, especially irritability, anger and temper. It gives you courage to manifest your true self.

Jasper – a stone referred to as the "mother of all stones". It stirs up compassion and desire to do good, making us a better person. It conveys wisdom, creativity and patience, radiating invigorating, cleansing and protective energy.

Carnelian – this stone was already known in ancient Egypt. Egyptians believed that it was a stone that brought vitality to those who wore it. Carnelian was considered as the resurrection stone and for that reason it was buried in tombs. In the Middle Ages, people used carnelian to protect themselves against lightning, nightmares, and to defend themselves against mind-reading. Carnelian is said to be a very powerful stone that can move a person's life towards the true essence and meaning. It helps them to find their own way in life. It opens new doors and helps fulfill human dreams. It is a stone of motivation and courage.

Coral – so far we know about 6000 species of coral. Celts worshiped mainly red and pink corals, and according to their tradition, it was a very strong protective stone. Coral increases intuition and helps to achieve defined goals, it is an excellent means of increasing energy and vitality.

Quartz – for thousands of years it has been considered a powerful and protective stone. It is said that people who wear it know how to find the truth in themselves and become more honest and truthful. Quartz is said to absorb, store, release and regulate energy.

Crystal – symbolizes light on the Earth, its cleansing and healing energy. It acts as a catalyst that accelerates the exchange of energy, absorbing negativity and charging up positivity. Crystal is said to charge the body up with positive energy, vitality and strength.

Rock crystal – has pure radiant energy said to illuminate the surroundings and the energetic field around a person who wears it. It contains a whole spectrum of colours and has universal positive effects on the human body. It is often used to improve the feng shui of a space and for personal protection against negative influences. It is said to help clear up thoughts and provides good energy.

Kunzite – awakens thoughts leading to love, radiates peace and increases creative abilities. It is a protective stone that can take care of both the individual and the whole environment. It can disperse all negativity. It has the power to connect reason, intuition and inspiration.

Labradorite – supports development of intuition, removes negative energies, helps us overcome fear, uncertainty, depression, stress, brings new ideas, calms an overactive mind, breaks illusions and penetrates to the root of a problem. It strengthens faith in oneself, brings about strength, perseverance. Labradorite is a stone of transformation and is very helpful in times of big life changes and phases.

Lapis lazuli – beautiful royal blue of this stone symbolizes inner depth and the highest light of inner harmony. It awakens us for love, sensitivity, receptivity, perception of beauty. Lapis lazuli is said to procure a sense of security and safety. Lapis lazuli is supposed to be a stone of friendship. It promotes harmony in interpersonal relationships. And it is said to have the ability to drive away misfortune.

Lava stone – is a strong protective amulet dedicated to treatment and healing. It brings positive energy while draining away negative energy.

Magnesite – is a stone of purity, strengthening our will and helping us get rid of various addictions. It acts as an energy source, encourages love, promotes patience, sincerity and simplicity in life.

Malachite – is a kind of stone that is gaining experience during both your and its own lifetime, thus improving its effects. An interesting feature of malachite is its holistic healing ability. It means that it acts in parallel on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels. This tiny stone can therefore protect your whole personality. It can easily absorb negative energy and pollutants affecting our overall health. It opens up the heart, brings love, balance and harmony.

Moonstone – creates emotional balance. It helps to cope with change. At the same time, it is a stone of wishes and hope. It is used as a protective stone for long journeys. The moonstone is suitable for women: it is said to relieve stress, emotional tension and emotional fluctuations. It supports feelings, intuition and emotionality. It significantly improves our sensitivity.

Onyx – is a stone giving strength. It provides support in difficult or confusing situations as well as in periods of extreme emotional or physical stress. It is said that it keeps memories of every experience of a person who wears it. Onyx offers an invaluable gift of making prudent decisions.

Opal – acts as a protective stone. It encourages original and dynamic creative forces. Opal strengthens the will to live, supports the accomplishment of defined goals. It increases intuition, brings harmony and happiness. It brings light and spontaneous decision-making to life. It is also associated with love, passion, desire and eroticism, strengthens feelings and relaxes inhibitions.

Peridot – helps to see every situation in detail and deepens our perception. It helps us grow. It brings joy, moderating feeling of sadness, guilt or offended self-complacency.

Pearl (cultured pearl and mother-of-pearl) – it symbolizes femininity not only for its round shape but also for its lustre and variability. It helps us to develop a sense of beauty and perfection, kindness and the pursuit of harmony. It protects us from accidents and misfortunes.

Rhodonite – is a stone of happiness, joy and love. It leads to tolerance, patience and forgiveness. It gives courage, relieves stage fright and anxiety. It brings about a feeling of mental balance.

Synthetic ruby – natural ruby belongs to one of the rarest gemstones in the world. The name comes from the Latin rubeus meaning red. It was called the stone of pigeon blood. A respected and revered precious stone since ancient times, it was part of royal treasure, similarly to diamond. It is a symbol of majesty and nobility. Maharajas in India wore it on their foreheads as a symbol of strength and love.

Rutile – strengthens energy transfer, banishes hopelessness, fear, moderates depression and soothes sleep. It also promotes perseverance and independence.

Rose quartz – this gentle stone has been revered and worn since ancient times as a stone of friendship and love. It strengthens fidelity and helps to find happiness in love. With its delicate pink tones, it awakens a feeling of tenderness, gentleness, understanding and love.

Sodalite is the strongest of all blue stones. It helps to focus on work, achieve set goals and also improves memory.

Spinel – natural spinel belongs to one of the most beautiful red precious stones. It is easy to confuse with a ruby. In addition to red, it also occurs in blue and black versions and their shades. In the Middle Ages, it was considered a powerful protective stone able to strengthen self-confidence. In India, it was considered the "Middle of the World" stone.

Tiger's eye – is a protective stone. It acts against curses, provides confidence and courage, helps us find what we are looking for and gives us a sense of security.

Tourmaline – is a protective stone. It has beneficial effects for those who wear it, bringing them joy. It removes stress and fear, recharges energy. Black tourmaline has an extremely strong protective effect helping us to expulse negative energies.

Turquoise – in past it often appeared in saddles as a protective stone for horses and riders. In Egypt, they knew turquoise well and called it the stone of life. The ancient Tibetans carried turquoise with them throughout their lives, often using it as a means of payment. Turquoise was even rarer than gold in Tibet. The name of the stone comes from the French word "turquoise" which means Turkish. The first turquoise imported to Europe comes from Turkey. Turquoise reflects negative energy and is considered a stone of purification. It also helps with feelings of depression and sadness.

Synthetic sapphire – in the Middle Ages natural sapphire was considered a stone of the highest spiritual value. Since the 6th century, the dark blue sapphire decorates the rings of cardinals to help clarify reason, purify the heart and strengthen faith.

Cubic zirconia – it shall not be confused with natural zircon. Cubic zirconia is an artificially produced stone, zirconium dioxide ZrO2 in chemical terms with hardness reaching 8.5 on the Mohs scale (a similar hardness has, for example, emerald or ruby) and a refractive index of 1.93 to 1.98. (In comparison, a real diamond which is the hardest mineral has the highest hardness of 10 and the refractive index of 2.42.) Zirconia looks like a diamond but it has less intensive lustre and unlike diamond, its surface can be scratched. And it is 75% heavier than a diamond of the same size. It is considered to be the best man-made diamond replacement.