Choosing Chain/Necklace Length


The most common length of a women's chain is 42-45 cm. For women of the average figure, such a chain ends just below the collarbone. It fits most clothes and looks nicely in the necklines.

When choosing, think about the height of the figure and the thickness of the neck. For ladies who are taller or have a thicker neck, we recommend a chain with a length of at least 50 cm or more.

It also depends on the design of the chain. A fine and flexible chain will look longer than thicker and more massive necklaces of the same length.

For women with a height of around 160 cm, we recommend a maximum chain length of 60 cm. Taller ladies can easily reach for something longer. Such longer chains are perfect for simple smooth dresses, turtlenecks or oversize sweaters.

If you are choosing a chain for your foot (anklet), measure the circumference of the ankle and add at least 1 cm. It's up to you how much you want the chain on your leg loose.

If you do not have a flexible tailor's measuring tape, a piece of ribbon or twine will also help you determine the circumference. You can then simply measure the circuit on a straight ruler.