Choosing Your Ring Size


The easiest way to find the right size is with the size measuring aid you will download here.

Download measuring aid >

The ring must pass through the joint, and therefore it is necessary to measure the finger with a tightly tightened strip in this part. If you have wider joints than the rest of your finger, the ring will always be slightly loose.

When deciding, consider the fact that if the ring is thinner and finer, a measured or smaller number will suffice. If the ring is thicker and more massive, choose a larger size.

The size of the finger may change during the day and also by season. It depends on blood circulation or slight swelling. In winter, the ring may fit your well, while the same ring may be tight in summer.

If the purchased ring size does not fit you, you can exchange it or return it. See the Return and Exchange section for more information.

We also offer the possibility of resizing by our goldsmiths. You can arrange it via the Infoline 0903 93 93 93, by e-mail to or via online chat.