Essential jewellery


As in the wardrobe, in the jewellery box, we should not miss essential and well-combinable jewellery pieces that will not betray at any time. Be always ready to go to a business meeting, family celebration, or night out with girlfriends.

Focus on efficiency

When assembling the jewellery box essentials, give priority to quality jewellery made of precious metals from reliable sellers. This will avoid rapid wear, damage to jewellery, or possible unwanted allergic reactions. Focus on elegance and simplicity. That will help you combine your jewellery with any outfit and for different occasions. If you have already found a jewellery style that suits you, choose a similar type for other jewellery. You will create your jewellery collection that will underline your distinctive elegance.

What should not be missing in your jewellery box?

1. Simple stud earrings

These earrings suit every woman for both every day and night occasion. They can be combined practically with any clothes and jewellery type. Whether you prefer a particular metal type or colour, these earrings should have a place in your jewellery box. They attract exactly enough attention to make your face more significant than jewellery. The best choice is stud earrings with clear stone or white pearl. However, if you opt for a coloured stone, think about its combinability with colours in your wardrobe.

When choosing the type of fastening, you have two options: a simple stud or a screw variant ideal for those of you who often lose earrings.


TIP: If you have more earholes, unleash your imagination. Use minimalist earrings and always create new combinations.

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2. Pearl earrings

Pearls – legendary piece of jewellery with timeless beauty. They have an incomparable shine and at the same time, they are very soft and inconspicuous. Pearl earrings should not be missing even for women who do not like to wear jewellery. Thanks to their timelessness, you can wear them anytime, anywhere. You can find them in several colours, from pink or grey to black. The most popular and well-known is, of course, the classic white pearl. Always choose real natural pearls rather than their synthetic substitutes. Those will never achieve the desired beauty and shine.



TIP: If you want to add luster to your pearl earrings, choose pieces combined with clear zircons.

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3. Necklace chain with pendant

A necklace chain with a pendant is ideal jewellery for any season of the year. The pendant's oval or round shape looks most discreet and inconspicuous, but you can reach different pendants' shapes. However, always think of an outfit with which you will combine it. The universal length of the chain, which we recommend, is 45 cm, but if you like chains closer to your neck, feel free to choose a shorter one. A longer chain with a more pronounced pendant will beautifully suplement a one-colour dress, but it will also add a touch to an oversized sweater with jeans.


 TIP: Express yourself with your favorite symbols or choose an opening medallion in which you can hide a photo of your loved ones.

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4. Pearl string

In the world of fashion, a pearl string is a constant that has lasted for centuries. It, therefore, has its place in the jewellery boxes of celebrities. A pearl string or bracelet is suitable for any social event or business meeting. With the right choice and care, they will accompany you for a long time. You can choose from different sizes and colours of pearls and for strings, of course, from different lengths. The correct length of the string is a little below the level of the neck. The most common length is 45 cm.


TIP: Try a pearl cord 80-100 cm long. You can wear it simply hung or curled in two rows. In addition to elegant clothing, it also well with casual pieces.

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5. Bracelet

A simple chain bracelet with a small decoration is a piece suitable for everyday use. It will complement your look in a summer dress, but it will also give you a charm in a costume. To complete the look, try to choose a bracelet that matches the material of your jewellery. For social events and memorable moments, feel free to take a more ornate, more distinctive bracelet.


TIP: Don't be afraid to make a bracelet a dominant piece of jewellery even on an average day. Create an exciting contrast and choose a more massive bracelet for a simple outfit.

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6. Simple hoop earrings

Hoop earrings - always a popular classic - are the number two choice for a universal and combinable outfit. They are an intermediate stage between inconspicuous stud earrings and distinctive dangling earrings, which we choose mainly for special events. The hoops are suitable for any face shapes and it is up to you what size, thickness and decoration you choose. If you are not afraid to experiment, you can supplement delicate round earrings with a pendant.


TIP: If you're not afraid to experiment, you can liven up simple hoop earrings with a pendant.

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7. Dangling earrings

There is perhaps no more suitable piece of jewellery for festive dresses than dangling earrings. You can use this type of earrings for any special occasions. If you participate in such events only sporadically, choose simpler silver or gold pieces decorated with clear stones or white pearls. Thanks to their versatility, you can combine them with several dresses, so you will always have a piece in the jewellery box that will not betray you. On the contrary, if you love weddings, balls, or celebrations with family and friends, feel free to add simple pieces to more colourful and extravagant models.


 TIP: Colorful stained glass earrings are a great choice, even for simple summer dresses.

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8. Necklace

If you prefer more inconspicuous jewellery, you can choose a delicate necklace. Necklaces are also great, which attract attention with their rich colors. A more distinctive necklace is a suitable companion for festive events. It will beautifully complement your neckline and stand out in the neckline of a simple dress. If you like eye-catching jewellery, reach for a distinctive "statement" piece


TIP: Are you waiting for an evening session with friends or colleagues? Take a more distinctive necklace, combine it with a soft top and pants, it will look great.

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9. Cocktail ring

Catch the attention to your beautiful hands and the perfect manicure with a cocktail ring. It is a distinctive ring with a pearl or a central larger stone that attracts attention. It is therefore ideal for evening occasions. With such a specific ring, you no longer need many other jewellery pieces so that you can complement it with a delicate chain necklace or stud earrings.



TIP: As an alternative to one distinctive cocktail ring, it is possible to choose a set of stackable rings that are worn together on one finger and have a similar effect.

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10. Watches

In addition to being highly practical, the watch can also be a piece of jewellery that expresses your distinctive style. Choose from classic gold or silver colour, depending on which one predominates in your jewellery box. It is ideal to have one simple and universal piece suitable for everyday wear.



TIP: If you already have a simple watch, you can reach for more distinctive and extravagant models.

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Jewellery boxes

Store your treasures in a suitable jewellery box. Thanks to proper storage and care, jewellery will be beautiful and radiant for a long time.

Our selection is the basis of a jewellery box with which you will succeed in all circumstances. Jewellery complements your and personality. Therefore, do not limit yourself and make yourself happy with other pieces.

Not sure how to choose a jewellery size? We have prepared an article for you, which will make your decision easier. However, if you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you in our stores, at the Infoline +421 903 93 93 93 or