How to choose the earrings for a child?

earrings for children

We are much more careful with children's jewellery than with women's earrings due to the increased demand for safety, the fastening and the material itself. Therefore, we would like to advise you on choosing earrings for your little princess.

Don’t underestimate the first step

Quality material is the basis of a healthy ear. Therefore, it pays to invest in safe metals such as gold, which is rare for allergic reactions.


White gold is best. It owes its color to the surface treatment using rhodium, which is hypoallergenic.

The base metals from which jewellery is made are most often responsible for allergic reactions. Rarely a reaction to yellow or rose gold occurs. It is usually conditioned by metal admixtures, which are responsible for the final color of the gold alloy.


Allergies tend to manifest as itching redness and may lead to rashes. That is why we recommend choosing the very first earrings made of gold. You can also choose silver. However, its lifespan is not as long as gold. In addition, it is softer and therefore less flexible and easier to deform.


The type of fastening is important

The age of the child determines the type of fastening. For the youngest children, Front back (brizura) fastening is suitable due to the easier attachment of the earring or a slightly less practical fastening with a screw. For girls from the age of 5, feel free to reach for the flap.

Let's talk a little more about each type of fastening.


Brizura type - front back fastening is located on the front of the jewellery item. There is an eyelet on the decoration of the earring, into which the moving part of the brizura is inserted and when its properly attached, the earring is firmly secured and the child will not lose it. Special attention should be paid to the first closing of the earring. Always check that the brizura holds well, and in case of doubt, stop at a shop where they will advise you or adjust the suspension correctly. This type of fastening is not used for silver jewellery due to the lower hardness of the material.

Age recommendation: from 3 months to 3 years (or for older girls, depending on their ear size).


The clasp is located on the back of the earring. The flap closes the earring and prevents it from opening and losing. In general, the flap fastening is most often used with earrings. It is suitable for older girls.

The flap is easy to use, safe to wear and protects the earring from loss. However, it is usually heavier, so the price can be a bit higher. Not suitable for the youngest children/babies.

Age recommendation: from 5 to 12 years (or for older girls, depending on their ear size).

Screw backs

There is a screw thread on the earring rod, onto which a balloon-shaped cap is screwed. Earrings with this fastening are very safe and there is almost no risk of losing them. Especially with babies, they pull the earring out of their ear, which cannot happen in this case. Due to the fastening, such earrings are a little harder to put on (compared to a flap or brizura). The screw has a round shape, and it fits directly to the ear. Therefore, it is more comfortable than simple stud earrings, which do not protect the end of the earring and therefore, the earring can prick the baby. For this reason, simple stud earrings are not suitable for babies. Depending on the motif, you can also use these earrings in adulthood.

Age recommendation: from 6 months to 12 years (depending on the shape of the earring, the size of the mallet and the size of the ear, these earrings can be used for longer).

Motif and decoration

Moms decide especially for gentle and girly shapes. The most popular are cute patterns of animals, ladybirds, or butterflies. Symbolic jewellery such as flowers or hearts are also popular.


Diamonds, which appeal especially for their durability and value, have become an unbeatable choice. Such jewellery is passed down from generation to generation and is a pleasant memory even after many years. We must not forget the pearls, which will enhance the delicate beauty of the little ladies.


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