The new Pandora ME concept gives you even more freedom in creating your own jewelry combinations. So enjoy maximum originality and freedom.

Chain bracelets contain three openable links. Put small Pandora ME pendants on them or exchange classic links between these pieces for others. Be careful to maintain the length of the bracelet. The size of double links is equal to the length of one long link or link with an inscription. For bracelets with smaller links, the length of 4 links is equal to the size of the larger double link.

The necklaces from this collection can be customized the same way. You can connect and extend bracelets and necklaces. Feel free to swap the opening links for circular connectors of the same length.

You can make your own combinations from simple rings. Thanks to a special connector, connect up to three rings together and add mini pendants. Don't forget the new dangling earrings, to which you can also add pieces such as mini pendants or medallions.


Bracelet with large links


Bracelet with small links


Double link

(does not open) 


Link with an inscription

(does not open)


Long link

(does not open)


Circular connector



Connector for rings